Child Care

One of the most important decisions parents can make is selecting an appropriate care solution for their young children. Families relocating to Las Vegas will be pleased to know of the many choices available to them. This chapter provides information on the types of care facilities available, including family child care and nannies, how to make an educated decision about selecting the right facility, as well as the kinds of activities that are well suited to your child.

Las Vegas Living for Kids: Emphasizing Safety and Fun

Finding an appropriate child care solution sits atop the list of critical Las Vegas relocation challenges. Because moving to a new city can often be taxing on kids, securing a responsible, loving care resource is paramount. You’ll be pleased to know that this Las Vegas guide offers a wealth of information on choosing the right situation for your family and your children. After all, it’s their development that will make your move complete.

From pre-K programs to after-school options, we will provide you with enough reliable information to make an educated decision on what’s best for your family.

Living in Las Vegas: Making Children Feel Welcome

For young children, it means connecting them with the schools that match their learning style and developmental needs. For tweens, it is offering them the extracurricular activities to keep them captivated. For high-schoolers, connections with extracurricular opportunities are paramount. Whatever your family needs may be, this Las Vegas information guide has it all.

Make contacts in the industry. Tour facilities. Ask questions. Get a feel for what Las Vegas has to offer and take advantage of every resource.

Assessing Your Child Care Facility »

When choosing a preschool program for your child, it’s important to consider characteristics of your child, the program, the preschool staff and the program’s physical environment. Here are a few guidelines from NAEYC.

Defining Child Care Terms »

As you research this topic, you’ll find that facilities can be described in the following ways: Child Care Centers, Family Child Care Facilities, In-home Caregivers, and Kith and Kin. Before you begin to think about how your child will fit in with a generic day-care center, you’ll want to...

Finding the Right Child Care Facility »

When preparing your search for the right child care facility, compile a list of items to observe and questions to ask for each facility that you tour. When making the final selection, your comments will help you remember aspects of each. Here is a sample list to help your efforts.

Hiring a Nanny »

Allowing someone into your home to care for your child can be a risky endeavor. The International Nanny Association wants to protect your family and give you peace of mind. The Association has several suggestions to aid you in the finding of your nanny.

School Services »

There are different types of School Services offered in the way of Child Care. Some parents do not merely want their child babysat and socialized during the day. While those are noble goals, many parents feel that education is also very important. Consider your child’s level of development and...